The Nue Co Defense Drops

The Nue Co Defense Drops

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1 fl oz / 30ml

Your first line of defense against getting sick. Our immune-boosting liquid tincture contains a blend of adaptogenic herbs and immunomodulating extracts with naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Use at the first sign of a scratchy throat or sneeze to help support your body’s immune response. 

The formula contains Echinacea, and immunostimulant, and one of the best documented herbal immune supports. It has been shown to increase the white blood cell count and a UK study found it could reduce the combined number and duration of cold episodes by an average of 26%.

Continually elevated stress levels are the fastest way to impair our natural immune function and adaptogens have been proven to help reduce that impact. We use a blend of adaptogens including Eleuthero, Astragalus and Shisandra Berry–most commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine–to help support normal immune function. 

Adaptogens work through the two “master” control systems in our bodies, the HPA axis (hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal axis) which controls our nervous system, immune system and hormone function. They also work with our SAS (sympatho-adrenal system), which is our “fight or flight” response. These extracts have a normalizing (amphoteric) effect on the body, meaning they help to balance normal physiologic function that has been disrupted by stress. In immunity terms, this means if the system is depressed, adaptogens enhance the immune response. If the immune system is overactive—i.e. with allergies—adaptogens help re-regulate the immune response, decreasing overactivity.

Fixing problems at the root.


Echinacea has been proven to reduce the duration and severity of a cold, as well as increase white blood cell count.


Stress is the biggest threat to your natural immune function. Our blend of tailored adaptogens work through your bodies key control centres (HPA axis and SAS) to modulate reponse.

You + Nue


Daily as a preventative or as needed


Place directly under the tongue for fast absorption or add to liquid


6-12 drops


Works well with all other supplements